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B2B Sales Techniques – street smart, priceless! B2B Sales Training

We provide a system of b2b sales training and not only b2b tools to help everyone in business who needs and wants to make more sales. We help businesses of all nature to succeed both on and off line.

Successful b2b Sales Training = Product Knowledge + Skills + Attitude + Desire = More Sales At Better Margins

Great just won’t cut it anymore.

We treat great as a beginning point, not an end result. We want to stretch ourselves and YOU, the business person and your team so with collaborative thinking and action we can both go further than we expected. Through innovation and iteration, we like to always start with the things that are working well and then improve upon them in sustainable ways.

In a perfect world you would like to personally coach every member of your sales team before each sales call to ensure peak attitude, desire & skills so they can operate at peak with minimum input from the sales manager or business owner. Obviously that is impractical so to achieve our desire to coach anyone who makes sales we have purpose designed several online social and sales  packages to suit as either self study courses or online group and 1 on 1 b2b sales training.

B2b Sales training requires passion & expertise to ensure you get maximum value & return on your investment. It also requires street smart people who have actually burned shoe leather to make a living in sales and physically can sell to conduct it.

No theory – no guess work – no hand me down ideas from a canned sales presentation. All our b2b sales training is individually tailored to your requirements making it industry specific & relevant to age, experience & knowledge of your business and team.

Private Street Smart In-House and Tailored b2b Sales Training

b2b sales trainingWe fill in the gap between what is actually happening and what you would like to be happening in your sales results and b2b sales training right now.

Our comprehensive b2b sales training, social media, sales database, and lead generation management work where it counts most—on the sales results board.

The Sales Drive Group is your sales improvement resource. Our dynamic facilitators and captivating trainers have delivered thousands of live b2b sales training days for sales teams of all sizes and industries. Our expertise is in delivering hands-on sales solutions.

We Design and Develop Custom b2b Sales Training Solutions in conjunction with key members of your team

The Sales Drive Group custom development team includes assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation as critical components within the full solution package.

We do not use A One Size Fits All b2b Sales Training.

We want to sell with your team ourselves so we know exactly what we are doing works and that our b2b sales training is on the money for YOU. We work on a strictly Commercial -In- Confidence basis so YOU will not see your logo splashed all over our website boasting you as a customer. Who wants their competition knowing who is conducting their b2b sales training. We will only put your testimonial up if you give us permission to.

The Sales Drive Street Smart b2b Sales Training is in 4 stages:

1.  Sales Audit –

  • In this initial phase we work closely with your sales people and everyone who has contact with both your prospective clients and clients to give us an exact, precise position to start from.
  • We will go out on client visits with your people, watch them in action
  • We will want to visit and talk with, past, present and possible clients, including ones who didn’t previously go ahead and have now become a lost sale.
  • We want to fully understand your products and services and your staff and sales team.
  • We work with our clients to ensure that all materials are complying with any unique or specific requests.

2.  B2b Sales Training Preparation

  • In this design phase we design and create the framework for your b2b sales training solutions.
  • We establish and set objectives.
  • We identify the best format and most practical methodology to ensure the sales skills developed are sustainable.
  • We work with our clients to ensure that all our b2b sales training, sales System and sales methods are working.

3.  Sales Out On The Street with your team and clients:

  • Before implementation all of the sales and social ideas that we put forward will be field tested with your team
  • Exploratory “Discovery Schedules” will be developed and made into templates
  • Sales Presentations will be honed
  • Sales Proposals will be fine tuned
  • Follow Up Sales processes will be tweaked and tested to a high standard

4.  b2b Sales Training Programs Implementation:

  • Can be conducted in a neutral venue or in-house
  • Workbooks will be provided for each participant
  • Learn by doing is our approach
  • Listening to lecturers and speeches is hard work for us salespeople so action beats talk
  • Management involvement is encouraged with specific goals and results clearly articulated and agreed on
  • All judgement of ideas is suspended until everyone has a say in the spirit of collaborative thinking,
  • Client and prospective Client panels are often used
  • Uplifting Guest speakers are encouraged such as the CEO.- Just don’t bore us please we are salespeople!

Who should attend: All those who have any communication with the client to back up and support the commitments made by any member of the sales team.

Public Workshops & Seminars:
Occasionally our programs are available for public attendance. Please refer to our Public Program Calendar, which is available on request, for course dates, locations, and investment.

You may have noticed  that we deliberately prefer to use the word ‘Client’ rather than the word ‘Customer’. There is a slight but vital difference. From the dictionary a Customer is a person who purchases goods or services from another; buyer; patron. Whereas a Client is still a customer but they are also a person or group that uses the professional advice or services of a lawyer, accountant, advertising agency, architect, financier, stockbroker, retailer etc. The point being a client seeks you out for advice and in doing so may repeatedly drive past many other businesses to get to you, not only for the advice but for the experience.

Providing Sales Training For Sales People with…

  • Real world proven b2b Sales Training tools, methods and strategies to reach sales stardom in any economy
  • An innovative sales productivity plan for salespeople to work to.
  • Modern sales skills that ensures they know exactly how and what to do in all sales circumstances and conditions.
  • A refreshed attitude for sales success that you deserve
  • Sales Drive gives street-smart sales skills, sales tips, and b2b sales techniques for closing sales every time.

b2b Sales Training – Street Smart-b2b sales techniques

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