Bottom Line Sales. What’s the big idea?

Bottom Line Sales….

Bottom Line Sales

….For every Sales Manager, Sales Director, VP Sales, Sales and Marketing and Sales Trainer..

How do we increase the bottom line sales for you & your team?

Bottom Line Sales = Skills + Attitude + Desire + Know How = Successful Sales Manager

We provide a system of bottom line sales tools to help sales managers and businesses of all nature to succeed both on and off line.

Great just won’t cut it anymore.

We treat great as a beginning point, not an end result. We want to stretch ourselves and YOU, the sales manager and your team so with collaborative thinking and action we can both go  further than was ever expected. Through innovation and iteration, we like to always start with the things that are working well and then improve upon them in sustainable ways.

In a perfect world you would like to coach every member of your sales team before each sales call to ensure peak attitude, desire & skills so they can operate at peak bottom line sales with minimum input from the sales manager.

What you need is a simple system that allows…….

  • Easily accessible bottom line sales skills knowledge & training with an 8 step process
  • A system for individual coaching irrespective of sales team size
  • Goal setting & drive are at the heart of successful sales with a simple to follow process made available to individuals
  • Access to online sales and sales manger coaching with blended learning techniques at bottom line sales solution to this conundrum in a straightforward easy to use & access package.bottom line sales

Here’s How You Can Create the Ultimate Bottom Line Sales Team with:

  • Reliable, Enthusiastic, Up-Skilled bottom line sales people ……
  • An Abundant, Regular, Loyal Client Base…
  • Profit Boosting Systems in Every Department…
  • And A Powerful Future Proof Sales Manager & Lead Generation Blueprint
  • That Works 24/7 So You Don’t Have To.

This might be the most important personal message that you read today!

Professional, consultative, collaborative salespeople are made not born!

You have arrived on this page not by accident or by chance but by personal recommendation or specific search of Sales Manager or bottom line sales. Because this is the case, we want you to know very early on that we aren’t your run of the mill, latte sipping, know-it-all consultancy with huge overheads to recover.

Nor are we desk jockeys who are all know but no Go! We are down and busy bottom line sales people who are proven sales and social media coaches.

Many of the Sales Director advisers out there today have only ever been trainers, few have been top performers in the sales field with many differing products. These career based consultants often know 1000’s of  ways to make love – but can’t find a willing partner!

So, Sales Director, please before you resort to any measures that may potentially damage your sales team, or hire some trendy training company loaded with academic ideology & theory to prepare an unrealistic campaign that is expensive and difficult to implement and measure…

…consider this… they don’t necessarily know that the real secret to a sales team’s rejuvenation is a custom, formally architected, “Future Proof Sequenced Sales Blueprint” (Blueprint) – Sales Drive The Sales Manager Blue Print for your bottom line sales profits!

As a Sales Director you know that the Sales game is not as straight forward as it first appears, nor is it as complex as many make it.

We are hard working, bottom  line sales intensive, collaborative and contributing sales partners who know exactly how to add value and expand your sales possibilities and opportunities in this new way of doing business. Over the last four or five years, many have taken the decision to commit to the internet for lead generating based largely on some fairly rash claims and shining objects from supposed gurus and instant experts.

But now circumstances have changed and for many of those internet opportunities, the worst case scenario has loomed ominously. Their bottom line sales have dropped. We’re all acutely aware of how recent events – election promises, Government intentions, the credit crunch, price of petrol, down economies that turnovers have all been affected. In some cases, drops of 20%-30% in bottom line sales revenue or more have been reported.  Some are holding their own, and now, some are bouncing back.

Generally sales revenue needs to be cranked up to get back to growth in 2013/14.

Sales Managers in the larger sales operations, who need bottom line sales….

….Have had to cope with all these factors and this has caused some concern for boards, investors & management who are either not cashed up or who cannot weather challenging times. There has been a damaging effect on EBITDA and thus the value of the total business has been put at risk. The huge question for the bottom line Sales Manager ~ Sales Director ~ VP Sales ~  Sales Director in that critical situation is “what to do now”?

And for those already recovering, the crucial question now is, “how do we accelerate and start making more serious bottom line sales profits as quickly and seamlessly as possible?”

As field-hardened street smart sales professionals, lateral thinkers in the sales bottom line sales business our team sees things differently.

We understand the role of Sales Manager.

We know that any real long term Sales Manager solution to sales team’s situation & ultimately their bottom line performance must address the two most fundamental elements: Quality and Quantity of product knowledge, attitude, desire and sales know-how with client satisfaction as the mandatory imperative, the common denominator. When it comes to maximizing returns on the investment and bottom line sales for Sales Managers and sales people, much attention is often paid to the team newbie’s, the inexperienced.

Far too little attention is paid to the fundamental drivers of the business that increase bottom line sales revenue and produce 80% of your revenue – the top sales performers under the Sales Manager. They are often left to their own devices and yet these are the ones who already know how to perform but may not be squeezing every possible cent from every single part of the sales operation to reach optimum capacity driven by a client focused perspective rather than a Sales Manager one.

That’s where we come in….with bottom line sales for Sales Managers contact us today for your specifically tailored proposal!