Sales Coaching + YOU = Your Sales Success 

Every successful Star Sports Team and sportsperson without exception continually has basic techniques Coaching.

Just like star sports teams and sports people every successful sales person needs  coaching. Great just doesn’t cut it any more. Exceptional is the new standard. As Professional sales and social media leaders we don’t merely ‘solve our clients sales and social media problems,’ we transform client capabilities. We help our clients do more and be more.

Just as a sports helps raise standards for accelerated results in a team, your Sales Coaching team will challenge and support you in attaining the results you desire and deserve.

Accuracy is Power. The first step will be for you and your sales coaching team to truly define with accuracy the results you are committed to getting Next, we will assess, with absolute openness and honesty, where you are right now and where you want to be – and what’s in between.

Mind the Gap! We will help identify the things that keep you from achieving the results you desire and deserve – and then work with you to create a strategic sales plan. Your plan is your “Sales System.” It is not based on hope. It is not based on theory. It is modeled after those who have already achieved real results.

You will work with us as highly skilled sales coaching specialists.

Correct sales coaching will ensure you have:

  • More specifically target clients, more quantified clients, and more clients who want to buy from you.
  • Whether you are an individual or you are leading a team of sale personnel, you will quickly see progressively improving sales results.
  • More sales closed at better margins

Successful sales people never stop learning – Never!

Our sales coaching will show you things that you already know, but in a new highly effective way for the world wide economy that now fully incorporates digital. Packed with ideas and examples that will cost you absolutely minimum time and money to implement.

Easy and convenient coaching using modern technology:

  • Skype conference calls
  • Google Hang Outs
  • Private LinkedIn Group
  • One on one social media whatever suits you the best.

Sales CoachingYou may well already have all the tools, all the sales skills but simply need to make a few adjustments to improve how you use them slightly differently with new sales techniques and processes.

With sales coaching you will be able to easily recoup the cost of the system in additional sales, and then once that’s paid off, the rest is all yours, free & clear profit.

These up to the minute sales skills are not just about showing the prospective client where they’re losing money, and how you can fix it.  It’s about, recovering money and showing them ways to stop bleeding lost sales and sales opportunities. That’s the easy part.

You can immediately put into practice your b2b sales techniques  gained from our easy to learn, easy to implement, easy to understand and remember sales coaching, to do the following:

  1. Get in front of prospects that have a current need for your product or service.
  2. Do a detailed analysis, and look for areas where they’re losing money.
  3. Do a detailed analysis, and look for areas where they can make more money and save more time.
  4. Show the prospect how your solution will “stop the bleeding” and recover all the money that’s being lost.
  5. Close more sales
  6. Follow Up with Client Relationship Management

Total Sales Confidence


  • You will have a clear sales plan for whatever your core desires may be.
  • You will have the necessary sales skills, sales techniques, and support for sales success.
  • Great just doesn’t cut it any more – Aim at #1 or GO HOME!
  • You will have complete believe in yourself and be excited to take immediate actions.

What sales techniques are YOU learning – TODAY – to help you sell more?

Sales Coaching Program Options:-

1Sales Course Personal Study Complete Sales Drive Sales Mentoring Program Personal Study- Sales Coaching

Your investment in this powerful, life changing sale course covers:

  1. Complete eBook – Sales Drive by Phil Polson

  2. Complete set of MP3′s Sales Drive by Phil Polson

  3. Applications 1 thru to 7 Sales Drive Sales Course and Coaching Support:

    • Application 1 Sales Coaching Your Road Map To Sales Stardom.
    • Application 2 Sales Coaching COG Action System To Sales Stardom.
    • Application 3 & 3A Sales Coaching Your Sales Drive Skills Questionnaire
    • Application 4 Answers/Analysis To Your Sales Drive Skills Questionnaire.
    • Application 5 Sales Coaching Our Favorite Free Resources To Sharpen Your Mind.
    • Application 6 Sales Coaching Sales Preparation Coaching Pack. Included Successful Pre & Post Call Sales Planning.
    • Application 7 Sales Coaching Observations On Real Live Selling Situations
  4. Access a lifetime of sales coaching through our private LinkedIn Group…

2.  Sales Growth 30 Day Group Challenge Hit the GROUND running .


  • Super-charge you’re selling and sales growth with our 30 day Sales Challenge.
  • Sales growth happens for those who have a plan and the sales know – how to make it happen.
  • There is plenty of room at the top but not enough to sit down.
  • The 30 Day Sales Growth Challenge is strictly limited to only 8 participants plus the 2 key sales authorities so don’t delay grab you spot – Now!

3.  Personal Sales Coaching One on One – For business owners, business executives, entrepreneurs and professional salespeople of all levels who want to become more successful  with selling their products and services.

4.  Customized Sales Coaching Programs: Our Sales Coaching Training programs can be custom designed to meet your exact needs and goals.

Below are just some of the Major benefits that our clients can expect to gain from our sales coaching programs:

  • An unfair advantage your competition
  • increased sales, production, profit and commission
  • greatly reduced stress levels at work and home
  • greater team effort and atmosphere amongst staff and family
  • far better communication at all levels
  • accelerated sales goals achievement
  • added confidence and enjoyment
  • creating desire to go to be the comforts
  • continually honing existing skills or results
  • achieving peak sales performance even under pressure
  • action steps to you to take
  • how to develop a project a stronger business sales presence
  • understanding the importance of parents
  • create a great first impression is
  • how to use visual persuasion profit
  • have to try and apply new ideas
  • praise and appreciation of missing ingredient
  • emotions can you trust them
  • your checklist to ensure the best return from every client contact
  • understanding the psychology of visual presentations

How Our Sales Coaching Program Is Different

My name is Phil Polson. And I’m not some “instant expert” who pretends to know what they’re talking about.

Sales Coaching

“Following many requests to do so, I have recently completed & published a Revolutionary SALES Coaching SYSTEM for anyone who needs to improve their sales techniques and make more sales, at better margins by professionally underselling & over delivering to Your Clients…..time & time again…

..No Matter What You Do or What’s Happening To The Economy…”

Best part: these simple, easy to understand & implement strategies are presented & explained in bite sized chunks, audio CD’s/MP3′s supported by written transcripts for easy reference. So you can refer to them again & again.

At Sales Drive we both coach sales technologies and mentor sales coaching.

Please contact Phil your Sales Coaching team now to learn what we can do for you and your organization.